Monday, March 2, 2009


Well we got about a foot of snow and Miriam was so excited about it! She was just mesmerized by looking outside at all of it. We took her outside last night when it was just starting to cover the ground and she thought it was fun to watch it fall. Well, we woke up this morning to a winter wonderland! The second she saw it she wanted to go outside, she kept saying "outside, yes, snow, outside, yes!" So we ate a quick breakfast and got her all bundled up. We don't own any super cold gear for her since we rarely need it, so no gloves or hat or ski-type stuff. So a pair of tights, 3 pairs of pants, a onesie, 3 jackets, and 2 pairs of socks later she was outside! Well as you can see it didn't go so well

After that we figured that she would not want to go out at all anymore, no snow for Miriam. Well, at about 4 this afternoon after her nap she asked to go outside again. So we dressed her up and tried for a second time. This time was better! She was still hesitant about it all and she just wanted to walk up and down the sidewalk where the snow had melting a bit. We were only outside for about 10 minutes and she said, "cold, all done." 

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James Ostrander said...

WOW...this is the first time I have seen these pictures! I want to come and play! Especially since I am ready for summer weather to be over:) Love you guys.

James Ostrander said...

In case you were wondering, this is Candace...don't think Jamie would say all that:)

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